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© 2016 by NORTH EASTON

When we meet again


March 12, 2020


words and music by North Easton


There's a pile of coats on a chair by the door

and hole heap of shoes scattered on the floor

and in the kitchen theres a ton of people listening to the stories

they have missed since they've been gone...


A brothers hug, a mothers kiss,

Everybody reminisces bout the things

That they have done

And there ain't nothing like

the feeling as you realize

That this is love


Oh...We don't got much time

Till the music stops

And the night it ends

Oh...When we say goodbye

all my thoughts will be making plans

Of when we meet again


A couple drinks and the board games hit the table

And the talk is fast and long

And the flashback, laugh track, keeps on playing that

Same old song

When we meet again

When we meet again

When we meet again

When we meet again. 

The world is changing fast and we are all holding on like kids to the metal merry go round on concrete in the school playground. Fingers gripping tight to be the last one holding on. Whether its disease, war, hate, racism, politics or sports teams...everywhere you look there's a battle going down.

I just spent a week in British Columbia with some very special people to me. Three precious aunts, my step mom, my daughter and son-in-law, my cousins, my uncles, great friends, new friends and of course my love...my wife.


Our visit was short...but the watering of the soul will get us through for a while as we count down the days until we not only see them again, but live a little closer.


This inspiring adventure brought me a ton of new musical ideas and with the experiences I got to have, lyrics started forming long before the plane landed me back here in Rockland Ontario.


And while a number of new ideas have begun to unravel, the first in line comes from the beauty of family and friends. When We Meet Again. Picture the scene...A bunch of people you love under one roof for a couple of days. Crazy? sure...amazing? definitely.


SO if you have managed to make it to this blog...you get the inside track on a new tune I just wrote...This is just a live version...for now...I'm putting some video thoughts together...what do you think?