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© 2016 by NORTH EASTON

Go With The Flow: Session 24 -ORWG

October 26, 2016

Another monthly session has passed, and the diverse gathering of talented songwriters is not only growing, but the progress I am witnessing in the individual development is incredible. We had 6 writers share new tunes this evening, including Jessy, Andre, Christophe, Mary Ann, Alan, and Frank. With another 12 writers gathered in the room to listen, learn and network, you could say that our 2 year anniversary was a great success. 



In the days of old, before the remote control, the t.v. set would often sit on a channel for hours on end. Sure there were only 12 channels, but most of the time, whatever came on next was good enough, and we would just endure the program that was playing out before us. I mean...it was 8-10 feet away...we had to literally get up if we wanted to change it.


Today, we do the same thing, but in our everyday lives. We find ourselves watching the same world play out in front of us day after day. We fall into the same routines and patterns, and even though we strive for more, dream of bigger things, and think of reaching bigger goals, we make daily decisions that keep us on the same program. Well its time to change the channel. Walk a few feet and shake things up. 


If you have goals in the music industry or beyond, and you are still doing the same thing everyday that you have been doing, then success (on any level) will not be easily attained unless you make a change.


At session 24 of the Regional Writers Group, we dove into the fears and challenges holding the writers back. We talked about the balance between creativity and business savvy. Networking and building a community that benefits all in the local scene. We went around the room and touched on something in each of the attendees music careers from business cards to daily goals and commitments, changing language into positive affirmations and identifying the basics of networking. 


If you are interested in learning more about the songwriting process, finding collaborators, having your songs heard in font of key industry people, or looking to develop your craft...then join the Ottawa Regional Writers Group on Facebook. 




Session 25 of the Regional Writers Group in Ottawa will be held on Tuesday November 29th. With expectations of our biggest turnout to date, our group is focused on spreading the word to bring even more writers to the next event. Tell the writers and musicians you know about this, and  lets make some waves here in the Ottawa area when it comes to Songwriting. 



North Easton is an award winning songwriter who volunteers for the Songwriters Association of Canada as the Coordinator for the Regional Writers Group in the Ottawa area. Constantly touring Canada, and working with writers across this country, Norths vision is to build awareness and increase the networking opportunities for all members of the ORWG. 


For more information, email North at north.easton@hotmail.com





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Go With The Flow: Session 24 -ORWG

October 26, 2016

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