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  • North Easton

A STRONGwriting year ahead

We are 3 weeks into 2019 and already it feels like the a whirlwind of experiences. I just got back from a week long trip in one of my favourite places in the world, Nashville. Had a chance to perform at #maxwellhouse, #Commodoregrille, and #Belcourttaps with some of pretty amazing songwriters. My good friends The Renfree's hooked me up with the shows.

That week of songwriting for me was stock full of extraordinary people, sharing, living life, talking about the world and just understanding what the heart is all about. To give you an idea, the average day started at 7:30am. Grab a coffee and jump right into writing. Ideas, lyrics, review of previous days songs. Through this process, mediation is always at the forefront for me. Let go and be grateful for the day ahead and the glorious ones behind, but more importantly for the moment that I'm in. Awareness.

The first write on the day in Nashville normally starts around 10am. 3 writers in a room working on an idea either brought by somebody or come up with inside the session. Laughter, debate, creativity, silence, confusion, euphoria, challenge, exhilaration, tears, high fives and big hugs all seem to be a part of most of the writes I've been in. I LOVE IT.

When the first session is done around 1pm, I have around an hour to get to the next one at 2pm. Grab food, another coffee, take in the scenery and buzz of Nashville...sit in my car and review the song I just worked on...hop on the phone and setup meetings for the next day, next week, next month...or get into conversation with a random Nashvillian to get their take on the world they have chosen.

2pm session starts and right back into songwriting. Voice is warmed up by now...looking to steer clear of the morning write when it comes to feel, chord choice, melody, and lyric content. Try and bring my A game into every write and I'm constantly humbled by the other writers I'm working with.

I'm a huge fan of the conversation before a write. The part honesty lives. We all get to break through that moment and normally, it is where the best titles that I write about come from.

In the evening it's off to see people share their wares. All kinds of venues in town with multiple songwriters performing. In any venue, you might find up to 30-40 songwriters waiting to take the stage. It's awesome, intimidating, inspiring, and a little disheartening sometimes. So many searching for the dream of their songs being known. I have resolved myself to the experience...not the goal in mind...but the love of the craft, the hang out, the nuances of the performance. I'm grateful to be in Nashville with the like minded people I'm there with.

The weeks ahead are gonna be packed with all kinds of fun. Some cool trips coming up including B.C., Belize, another trip to Nashville, the East Coast of Canada, Paris, London and Ireland..and that won't even get me to the summer.

Look forward to sharing more as this rope unravels.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. More to come soon.

Much love,